“Becuase it’s business, not people, it’s always take and it’s never give, and thats not the way I want to live.” – Hot Water Music



“Whoever finds me, keeps me, Whoever loves me, deserves me, Whoever abandons me, denies us”


Some years ago I started placing paintings in public places for others to find and take, if they chose to. I put a painting inside a plastic bag, with the above note, and wait for someone to come by and decide if they want to be involved. Sometimes it takes a while for one to get picked up, sometimes I have to move them, and other times they are gone within hours. I take a picture of them waiting to be taken, a picture when they are gone, and hopefully some day I’ll get a picture of them where they end up.

Star Gazette Article – Newspaper article on this project by Ray Finger of the Star Gazette, Elmira Ny. 10/14/08

Radio Interview mp3– Interview I did with Elizabeth Weaver of the Family Life Network. 10/24/08


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