Chad is a male part of the species. He typically wears T-shirts, but sometimes F-Shirts. He is most commonly found looking at things. He lives in new york, but not the city. Chad sleeps in a bed with 4 wheels, a guitar, and a stuffed mouse that sits on the floor. That’s right a floor. He has pockets full of lint and holes where everything important to him just falls right on the floor. That’s right he has a floor. So what. So what. His closest friend is named Linoleum. Chad once thought he saw something in the distance, no one believes it is still there, but he is still trying to paint it today. Chad believes it was never there. He believes that trying is the first step towards failure, and that failing is more respectable then winning. Because winning means that someone had to lose. Chad makes art because he cant think of anything better to do. True fact.